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The Basis of Productivity and Safety at Workplaces: Semiz Industry Cell Phone Lockers

Cell phones, which are the devices most frequently used by people today, can decrease the productivity of employees, especially in jobs that require attention and in sectors where hygiene rules are required; It can also create risky situations in terms of work safety. On the other hand, the use of mobile phones is seen as one of the most basic needs of people. It is very important that these valuable items can be stored safely at workplaces and accessed when needed. As Semiz Industry, thanks to the Cell Phone Lockers we have produced to meet this need of both employers and employees, productivity and work safety increase significantly. Preferred by the leading companies in the industry, Semiz Industry Cell Phone Lockers can be manufactured in desired eye sizes and numbers, with keys or electronic locks. Before starting to work, staff can leave their mobile phones in these locked cell phone lockers and focus on their work better and work efficiently. In terms of employers, reducing work accidents, ensuring hygiene and the safe protection of personal belongings of the personnel in these cabinets ensure the continuity of workplace rules. Producing in the city of Bursa, Semiz Industry prepares special projects for every company in the city or out of the city, conducts on-site inspections and can manufacture cell phone lockers in special sizes. Cell phone lockers can be designed with keys or electronic locks, and charge units can be added. Our products can also be used as a safety locker. If you want to increase productivity and safety at your workplace, you can review our products on our web site and consult us for special projects.

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